Thursday, November 04, 2010


(Wikipedia) - The act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones.

(Urban Dictionary) - the act of text messaging someone in the hopes of having a sexual encounter with them later; initially casual, transitioning into highly suggestive and even sexually explicit.

Every day it seems I hear one crazy story after another about someone "sexting" another person. You have high school coaches "sexting" teenage girls. NFL football players "sexting" female team employees. You have male police officers "sexting" on duty.

It is one thing if the person on the receiving end of the "sexting" welcomes it or even asks for it. However, it is another thing if men (there are probably a few women out there too guilty of this) are crossing the lines of decency daily by sending pictures of their "pipes" to unsuspecting females (and in some extreme cases teenage girls). It is just sick any way you slice it.

If this were done between two consenting adults I have no problem with it. The issue, and a legal one for that matter, is when someone is sending unsolicited sexually explicit photos of themselves to someone else. It is harassment and he/she shouldn't get away with it.

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